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If dogs
could cook,

this is what
they’d serve.®

  • 100% Human Grade
  • 100% Natural Whole Food Ingredients
  • 100% Clean Ingredient Deck
  • 100% Non-GMO Veggies
  • 100% Made in USA, Sourced in USA

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To-Drool-For Entrees

Meal plans starting as low as $2.75 a day!

Super-simple human grade ingredients. Gently cooked, frozen
and delivered to your door. Crazy tail wagging follows.

complete & balanced recipes ∙ garden fresh veggies ∙ as good as what you eat
picky dogs love it ∙ thaw, serve, drool

Chicken Entrees

Great for dogs with sensitive tummies.

  • USDA inspected chicken
  • Non-GMO veggies
  • Gluten free
  • Complete and balanced
  • Made in USA, sourced in USA


Turkey Entrees

Great for dogs with allergies.

  • USDA inspected turkey
  • Non-GMO veggies
  • Gluten free, Grain Free
  • Complete and balanced
  • Made in USA, sourced in USA


Beef Entrees

Great for picky dogs.

  • USDA inspected beef
  • Non-GMO veggies
  • No processed grains
  • Complete and balanced
  • Made in USA, sourced in USA


Super Simple Recipes

Zero Potatoes        Zero Processed Grains        Zero Preservatives or Fillers

Chicken Recipe

Chicken, brown rice, carrots, green beans, broccoli, spinach, kale, eggs, eggshell calcium, organic flaxseed meal, organic kelp powder

Turkey Recipe

Turkey, carrots, quinoa, green beans, broccoli, spinach, kale, eggs, eggshell calcium, organic flaxseed meal, organic kelp powder

Beef Recipe

Beef, barley, carrots, green beans, broccoli, spinach, kale, eggs, eggshell calcium, organic flaxseed meal, organic kelp powder

Complete and Balanced
Frenchie’s Kitchen recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Adult Maintenance

Only The Best Ingredients

All our ingredients are 100% human grade and natural whole food ingredients.
We only use 11 ingredients in each meal. What you see is what you get.


Chicken, Beef and Turkey are classified as “nutrient dense” foods supplying highly digestible “complete” protein and contain all of the essential amino acids.


The “king of carotene”! Carrots are considered the “root of all natural healing power”. Carotene boosts the immune system, improves eyesight, heals wounds and cleanses the liver.

Green Beans

A source of dietary fiber loaded with vitamins and over 10 necessary minerals needed for proper bone health, blood vessel stability and nerve function.


Packs the most nutritional punch of any vegetable! Excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutirents and antioxidants. These nutrients have strong anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.



A great health restoring food and a source of plentiful iron and antioxidants. Rich in chlorophyll, it helps alkalinize the blood. Fights cancer and inflammation.


This nutritional powerhouse is filled with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that enhance heart and brain function. The highest level of antioxidants of any vegetable and also fights cancer and inflammation.

Organic Eggs

A great source of protein, Vitamin D and all B Vitamins. Rich source of minerals and omega-3 fats. They improve neurological function, reduce inflammation and help detoxify the body.


This “wonder food” is a powerhouse of nutrition and provides complete protein. High in magnesium and iron; gluten-free and easy to digest.



An excellent source of dietary fiber and anti-oxidants. Filled with natural vitamins and minerals, it helps boost the immune system and benefits dogs with cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.


Brown Rice

Gluten-free and a good source of dietary fiber, rich in B complex vitamins. It creates an alkaline system that helps resist disease and is great for digestion.

Eggshell Calcium

The best natural source of calcium available and is easy to digest and absorb.


Organic Ground Flaxseed

Rich in essential fatty acids, it is used to benefit skin, arthritis and digestive issues.


Organic Kelp Powder

A “powerhouse of vitamins and minerals,” it promotes a healthy coat and skin as well as increasing the absorption of nutrients.


Happy Tails

Liela suffers from kidney issues. We had not been able to get her UPC below 3.5 (even with bp medications). Today she is at 1.0! She in only taking one bp medication and eating strictly Frenchie’s Kitchen with added green beans. It has to be her diet that has turned this around. We are so grateful!

Kelly L from Corpus Christi, TX
I have two rescue French bulldogs~one has allergies and the other has Mega-Esophagus. I have tried almost everything for my dogs and nothing has worked. I finally found Frenchie’s Kitchen and it’s been a miracle! My Mega E dog can eat Frenchie’s Kitchen, sit in his little chair for 30mins and he’s off and running. He has gained weight and actually plays now because he has energy! I really believe that Frenchie’s Kitchen has saved his life! Both dogs no longer itch all the time and their coats are beautiful and they are finally happy boys! Thank you Frenchie’s Kitchen!

Joell's Rescues
Joell’s Rescues
We brought home the chicken and I opened the lid and she started licking the frozen Frenchies….

She made our decision on what food she needed… FRENCHIES KITCHEN!

It got her eating again out of a bowl!!! Her liver numbers have gone down and are almost back to normal… She looks good and is spunky again.

We credit Frenchies for saving her…. She loves when her Frenchies box arrives!!!
Thanks Frenchies Kitchen for making such a yummy food for our furry kids!

Paula & Garry
Our Capree
Our Capree
Long story short, he inhaled your food as soon as I put it in front him. Hooray! Just picked up 8 more containers cat Petco tonight.

I am elated. I am so incredibly thankful I found y’all. Spike has more energy now, too, because he’s eating more. Hooray!

Allison H.

Houston, TX
Shelby’s skin problems are gone and it also helped bring back her shine to her hair, her zest for life, and catching her old ball is back.

Thanks to Sara at Frenchie’s Kitchen I have found the food and know I can have it shipped to me at anytime!

Thank you Frenchie’s Kitchen for helping to save my little Nellie’s life!! Even though I fed her a brand name commercial food with a good nutritional reputation, and also the so called “natural” treats, the vet said her glucose level was 535 and would need insulin shots daily to survive.

After about two weeks of the healthy and tasty Frenchie’s meals, Nellie seemed more energetic, to be eating better, and showed less diabetic symptoms. Today has been a month and she is still not on insulin and is running and playing and improving daily. i am very thankful to Frenchie’s Kitchen for showing me a better way of feeding my little Nellie!!

Dee B.
Our two toy schnauzers, who are very picky eaters, were offered samples of food from many different vendors. They rejected all of them until we came to Frenchie’s Kitchen. Our two babies just devoured the samples they were given.

We had tried adding different types of food to their dry kibble to make mealtime more appealing. They would eventually get tired of eating it and I would have to find something different to add in. It would be like humans eating the same exact meal day after day. Now, they look forward to their next meal and get so excited.They love all three varieties.
Thank you for making a nutritious, great tasting dog food that makes our babies very happy 🙂

David and Marie Calvin
Calvin Schnauzers
Calvin Schnauzers

Award Winning Dog Food

Frenchie’s Kitchen is an award winning human grade frozen meals for dogs.


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