My French Bulldog had a C-section and three days after giving birth she stopped eating. I was worried because she needed to nurse the puppies. The veterinarian said she had a uterine infection and put her on antibiotics. The infection cleared; however, she continued to not eat adequately.

Then, I started talking with Sara about her home-made food and decided to try that. Sara put her on chicken and veggies and had me add a teaspoon of cottage cheese and give her a sardine every few days. She ate all of it when she wouldn’t eat anything else. The puppies did great nursing with my dog on this diet.

I was concerned about her coat looking good while nursing, but it came back healthier than ever! And I could tell that she began to feel better. She even played during the time she was nursing the puppies. I could tell that she just felt better

Today she has a happy and playful attitude and I see a real big difference in her. Her coat is just beautiful—shiner and softer than ever.

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