The Calvin Schnauzers

My husband and myself attended the Super Zoo in Las Vegas this past July 2014. As we walked around, our two toy schnauzers, who are very picky eaters, were offered samples of food from many different vendors. They rejected all of them until we came to the Frenchie’s Kitchen booth. Our two babies just devoured the samples they were given. We had tried adding different types of food to their dry kibble to make meal time more appealing. They would eventually get tired of eating it and I would have to find something different to add in. It would be like humans eating the same exact meal day after day.  Now,they look forward to their next meal and get so excited.They love all three varieties.
Thank you for making a nutritious , great tasting dog food that make our babies very happy 🙂

David and Marie Calvin
Scottsdale, AZ

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