The Bessett Family

Frenchie’s Kitchen has truly been a blessing to my pets. Dinner time is always exciting for my 3 dogs and 4 cats, who are all fans of anything made by Frenchie’s. I started buying Frenchie’s for the dogs, but since then, all of the kitties come running to get some as well.

Since we have started on Frenchie’s Kitchen, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my pets’ well-being, but most noticeably in my special needs dachshund. Thanks to Frenchie’s Kitchen, she is able to get all of the proper nutrients through whole food, which has been instrumental in her recovery. I am forever grateful to Frenchie’s Kitchen for putting out such quality products that are made with love.

Thank you to everyone at Frenchie’s for making life better for my girls and easier for me since I no longer have to cook!
-Amy Bessett, Bean, Dottie, Sophie, Abby, Carmen, Tootsie, and Bella
Dallas, TX

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