Our Sheltland Sheep Dog, SHELBY which is 13 years old, will NOT eat anything but Frenchie’s Kitchen foods.

Shelby had some skin problems and other concerns that really threw her and us for a loop in her older age. We tried everything, and many Vet visits and tests to help us find out what the problem was. She was getting worse. She stopped eating her current dry dog food.

We tried bathing, per Vet instructions, and gave her fish oil for her skin, etc. Nothing worked…I wanted to make sure that she got the best care we could give her.

At Whole Foods I found “frenchies kitchen” whole food for DOGS! They have Turkey, Chicken and Beef. Needless to say Shelby LOVED IT. She came back to life after about a week. She is 13 years old so we were worried.

Shelby’s skin problems are gone and it also helped bring back her shine to her hair, her zest for life, and catching her old ball is back.

I called “Frenchie’s Kitchen”.  My Whole Foods had no more available. I did call another store and they were out of it also, sooo I drove 40 miles to the next closest store to retrieve this GREAT FOOD. I have also learned that they will also ship, in dry-ice to your home if you need it.

Thanks to Sara at Frenchie’s Kitchen I have found the food and know I can have it shipped to me at anytime!



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