Alex and Andie

My first exposure to Frenchie’s Kitchen was a demonstration at my neighborhood Whole Foods Market. Anxious to taste the beautifully-layered dip that I spotted across the store, imagine my amazement to discover that it was canine cuisine! Hours of reading about the perils of commercial dog foods, and endless discussions regarding nutrition with my vet — coupled with wanting the absolute best for my canine companions — made my first Frenchie’s purchase an easy sale. Alex is 14-yrs-old with a chronic urinary tract infection and recently had bladder stones surgically removed. Andie is 13-yrs-old with frequent digestive issues. Since adding Frenchie’s to their diet, prior issues have been eliminated and they appear overall healthier and more alert. They now sing and dance for their meal, and I have become a very cool “Mom”. Thank you, Frenchie’s Kitchen.
Amy McMurrey
Dallas, Tx

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