This is a rhetoric question and one we can’t claim credit for. If you have never heard of Rodney Habib, let me make an introduction. He is a passionate dog lover, pet influencer, nutrition blogger, radio host, writer and professional speaker who features in the popular site Planet Paws. In this Ted Talk available on YouTube, he talks about nutrition being an important factor to maintaining your dog’s health and increasing their longevity.

His introduction is very humorous as he moves to talk about the major ailments affecting dogs today. A tendency for dogs nowadays is to die younger that their expected lifespan because of diabetes, obesity and cancer. Based on a recent study, it was discovered that 30-40% of all cancers can be prevented by dietary changes, since 90% of this devious disease is the result of environmental factors and only 10% is genetic.

Listen to this 15 minute talk powered with information that will explain why whole food nutrition is a good alternative for your dog.