Some dogs enjoy dipping in water; so why not let them jump into the pool, river, pond or the beach. You can also buy a plastic pool or let them get wet while running through the sprinkler or a garden hose.

Keep in mind though, dogs should not drink seawater because it causes dehydration and vomiting. Preferably keep fresh water for them at all times, even if near a water source like a pond or pool. Pool water that is treated has chemicals that are harmful for ingestion.


Dogs regulate their body temperature through their paws and by panting. To help them keep cool on extra hot days you might want to wet a bandanna, wringing it, out and then pop it in the freezer to make it a fashionably cool icy apparel.


Many dogs love ice cubes, but crushed or shaved ice ships in their water bowl are better for their teeth. You can also freeze toys or some treats so your dog can chew on, specially when the weather is hot. You can also opt for “dog ice cream” or frozen yogurt treats which are softer and yummy alternatives. Stay tuned for our Frozen Yogurt recipes in upcoming posts.