It’s hard to resist those big eyes peeking at you from under the table when we are engorging on our bountiful holiday meals, but your pet’s safety should come first. Some common holiday food might be dangerous for your dogs, since their metabolism is considerably different from ours. Here is a list of popular holiday foods that be toxic and even fatal.


Chocolate is the most famous one since it can cause serious problems.  It contains two ingredients that are toxic in large quantities: a chemical called theobromine and caffeine. Leaving a box full of chocolates where a dog can get into it could be detrimental to your dog.  Learn more about this danger here.


Alcohol in any form should never be given to your dog; so be careful when serving sweet and attractive drinks. Alcohol can have many of the same acute results it does in people and cause serious discomfort to your dog. 

Raisins & Grapes

Raisins and grapes can cause severe vomiting leading to kidney failure in the days following ingestion.

Raw dough

Dough contains yeast which can cause serious problems as it expands in your dog’s stomach.  This can cause the stomach’s lining to rupture, cause cardiovascular damage, and damage the diaphragm.


This is a sugar substitute used for baking our holiday treats. Xylitol can cause severe drops in blood glucose levels for dogs; resulting in seizures, and in some cases, liver damage. Even a small exposure to xylitol can be deadly. Xylitol can be found in many places such as: gum, mints, and candy. Even just a few cookies or muffins have been known to cause toxicity and even death.

Frenchie’s Kitchen takes pride in the quality of the ingredients that go into the recipes. We make sure all our meals are free from any harmful ingredients to ensure your dogs safety and wellbeing.