It appears to be common knowledge that one human year equates to seven dog years. However, this is a simplistic approach that requires some further analysis. To calculate the age of your dog there are two things to take into consideration. 

To start with, dogs reach full sexual maturity one year after birth. This is because canines age faster the first two years of their lives than humans do. The same happens towards the end of their life cycle; slowing down their aging process as they grow older. Age is also determined by the breed’s size. Smaller breeds mature faster and live longer than larger ones. 

In order to calculate a dog’s age in its human equivalent, we must do so in accordance to their size category: small (20 lbs or less), medium (21-49 lbs), or large (50-88 lbs). The chart below will give you an age equivalence that is a much better estimate that the seven-year rule.

Exercise and nutrition are key in pushing your dog’s age to their full potential. Exercising is as important for dogs as it is for humans. Daily walks and activities are important in keeping your dog healthy and living longer. In addition, by providing a Whole Food’s Diet, your dogs will receive all the nutrients they need to stay active and healthy during their lives. These nutrients come from the food itself without any artificial additives. 

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