Spring is officially here, and with that comes a new set of things to consider for your dog’s safety. Here are our top 5:

1. Bug Protection

Though you may have taken the winter off from flea and tick prevention because your dog is not spending time outdoors, it’s time to start up again before spending extended periods of time in the park or any wooded areas. These pesky bugs can be a nightmare to get rid of and can carry diseases that could prove fatal to your dog. Protect your dog with any one of these flea and tick products for dogs.

2. Pet License Update

Make sure to get your dog’s animal license renewed and securely fastened to their collars. Having proper tags on your animal will ensure you’re reunited with your dog should they be separated from you.

3. Up-to-Date Vaccines

Another one to brush up on any time of year, staying on top of your pet’s vaccinations is especially important during springtime. Dogs are spending more time in the park with each other and are likely to come across some new puppy, or raccoon or squirrel, friends. Keeping their rabiesparvo and distemper vaccinations up to date will help protect your pup from potentially deadly diseases.

4. Exercise

4. Make a Playdate

We all tend to take shortcuts when it comes to our walking route or period of time spent at the park when the temperatures dip below freezing. Now that it’s finally warmed up a bit, schedule playdates, longer walks and time at the park

5. Spring Cleaning

While you clean out the closets and change your sheets, take a few minutes to focus on your dog’s area. Wash or change their beds, kennels and food dishes for a fresh, spring start.