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What Apple Cider Vinegar can do for your Dog

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a pantry item that not only serves as a good dressing for your salad, but can benefit your dog as well. This type of vinegar is made by combining apples and water. The ingredients undergo a fermentation process that leads to the production of acetic acid, which is the main component of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is very safe for human intake, as well as for a dog to consume or for topical application. There are quite a bit of ailments that can be treated with apple cider vinegar, these include: -Itchy, flaking skin and dull coats-Relief from hot spots-Repelling fleas-Keeping a dog’s ears clean, lessening the chance of infection-Fighting yeast infections on dogs’ paws-Diluting pet stains and odors in the home For topical use, create an apple cider vinegar rinse for after your dog’s bath, as a remedy for irritated skin or a dry coat. The proper dosage …

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Watch out for Xylitol in Peanut Butter and other products!

Reading labels has become common practice for humans looking to minimize the intake of harmful ingredients in the food products we consume. When feeding human food to dogs, it is important to keep in mind that their metabolisms are not the same as ours, and therefore, reading labels should become commonplace to avoid feeding our dogs something that could cause them harm. Peanut Butter is one of those human treats our furry friends certainly love. Most peanut butters in the market are not just made of ground and churned peanuts, but will contain oils, sugar and other additives to make it tastier, creamier, or sweeter. One such products that is found in many human foods is Xylitol, a sweetener that is used in a wide range of products, including sugar-free gum and mints, nicotine gum, chewable vitamins, certain prescription drugs, dental hygiene products and baked goods. It is sweeter than sucrose and cheaper than other …

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Frenchie’s Kitchen at NY Pet Fashion Show!

Check us out on the Dog Walk! Frenchie’s Kitchen sponsored the New York Pet Fashion Show, where hundreds of people attended to watch dog couture at its finest. The event is held every year in the eve of New York’s Fashion Show and it is the largest animal rescue benefit in the USA. The show features themed catwalks, with dogs in high fashion costumes walking alongside their owners. Rescue dogs also paraded down the runway in hopes of finding a dog lover to take them home. Attendees where able to enjoy samples of our three flavors of human-grade dog food; our chicken, beef, and turkey meals where the delight of the dogs who tried it and they even left home with swag.

Age of your dog

Calculate the appropriate age of your dog

It appears to be common knowledge that one human year equates to seven dog years. However, this is a simplistic approach that requires some further analysis. To calculate the age of your dog there are two things to take into consideration.  To start with, dogs reach full sexual maturity one year after birth. This is because canines age faster the first two years of their lives than humans do. The same happens towards the end of their life cycle; slowing down their aging process as they grow older. Age is also determined by the breed’s size. Smaller breeds mature faster and live longer than larger ones.  In order to calculate a dog’s age in its human equivalent, we must do so in accordance to their size category: small (20 lbs or less), medium (21-49 lbs), or large (50-88 lbs). The chart below will give you an age equivalence that is a much better estimate that …

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Frenchie’s CEO; Woman of the Year Finalist!

The Women in the Pet Industry Network is an organization that unites pet professionals and helps them prosper in their endeavors in a male dominated industry. With a platform that caters to about 1.8 million readers, this network is a leader in its kind and offers recognition to women who are catalysts for inspiration. In 2018, our CEO Sara Morgan was a finalist for receiving this prestigious award in the corporate category. “Being nominated and placing as a finalist amongst other exemplary women is an honor” Sara said. She also exalted the winners for their companies, their dedication and passion for the animals they love. For more information about this organization and the award, please visit