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Why dogs don’t live forever?

This is a rhetoric question and one we can’t claim credit for. If you have never heard of Rodney Habib, let me make an introduction. He is a passionate dog lover, pet influencer, nutrition blogger, radio host, writer and professional speaker who features in the

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Winter Tips for Dog Safety

Keeping your dogs warm this winter and keeping them safe is a must if you live somewhere with below freezing temperatures. Although most Southern states are heading towards spring, other parts of the country are still experiencing cold temperatures all the way through April. Besides

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What Apple Cider Vinegar can do for your Dog

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a pantry item that not only serves as a good dressing for your salad, but can benefit your dog as well. This type of vinegar is made by combining apples and water. The ingredients undergo a fermentation process that leads

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Age of your dog

Calculate the appropriate age of your dog

It appears to be common knowledge that one human year equates to seven dog years. However, this is a simplistic approach that requires some further analysis. To calculate the age of your dog there are two things to take into consideration.  To start with, dogs

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