Our Capree

September 21st, 2015


Our Baylee had kidney failure and went over Rainbow Bridge in May.   After that, we took our Capree in for tests to find out what her numbers were to make sure she was OK….   They came back good.   Then two months later she became ill and her numbers were off the chart for liver failure.  During that two months we were transitioning her from kibble.  We tried Frenchies  and she loved it, but then we tried something else.   We have absolutely no idea what caused the elevated liver levels, but the vet told us that on the scale of 1-10 with 10 being death she was an 8.   She also had been bitten by something, and that could have contributed to it.  We just don’t know…  We could not get her to eat or drink anything for a week.   I had to puree hamburger, egg and rice and force feed her with a syringe.  Then my husband Garry and I decided we were going to go get some Frenchies, which she had loved.   We brought home the chicken and I opened the lid and she started licking the frozen Frenchies….  She made our decision on what food she needed… FRENCHIES KITCHEN!   It got her eating again out of a bowl!!! Her liver numbers have gone down and are almost back to normal…  She looks good and is spunky again   We credit Frenchies for saving her…. She loves when her Frenchies box arrives!!!   Thanks Frenchies Kitchen for making such a yummy food for our furr kids!

~ Paula & Garry

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