1. Spike’s Testimonial

    Thank you for making such a great product! I stumbled upon your dog food at Whole Foods in Houston last weekend and picked up some for my 16.5 year old silky terrier named Spike. I’ve tried to get him to eat just about every type of dog food these past few years and he rejects […]

  2. Capree
    Our Capree

    Our Baylee had kidney failure and went over Rainbow Bridge in May.   After that, we took our Capree in for tests to find out what her numbers were to make sure she was OK….   They came back good.   Then two months later she became ill and her numbers were off the chart […]

  3. Calvin-Schnauzers
    The Calvin Schnauzers

    My husband and myself attended the Super Zoo in Las Vegas this past July 2014. As we walked around, our two toy schnauzers, who are very picky eaters, were offered samples of food from many different vendors. They rejected all of them until we came to the Frenchie’s Kitchen booth. Our two babies just devoured […]

  4. Shelby

    Our Sheltland Sheep Dog, SHELBY which is 13 years old, will NOT eat anything but Frenchie’s Kitchen foods. Shelby had some skin problems and other concerns that really threw her and us for a loop in her older age. We tried everything, and many Vet visits and tests to help us find out what the […]

  5. Nellie

    Thank you Frenchie’s Kitchen for helping to save my little Nellie’s life!! Even though I fed her a brand name commercial food with a good nutritional reputation, and also the so called “natural” treats, the vet said her glucose level was 535 and would need insulin shots daily to survive. I contacted my friend. Sara, […]

  6. Bocker the Labradoodle
    Bocker the Labradoodle

    I am a very lucky doodle and I know my mom has always loved me and wants nothing but the best for me in every way.  It was obvious, even to me, that she would get so frustrated and confused reading labels on packages of dog food, let alone dealing with continuing stream of dog […]

  7. Bandit

    Meet Bandit. He is 15 years old and finally enjoys eating again since I started feeding him Frenchies Kitchen fresh cooked meals for dogs. Kay Dillingham, DVM

  8. Mr. Chompers and Popeye

    I am an avid believer in your food. We have seen a transformation in our rescue Pomeranians since they started on the Frenchie’s Kitchen diet.  This food has definitely changed their lives.  Thank you for making such a great product! Matt S Dallas

  9. Ivy, Rush & Finn

    Our “kids” Ivy, Rush, Finn, and Emma love their Frenchie’s Kitchen dinners! The people behind Frenchies are the BEST, and the quality of the product is the same! We love knowing we are giving our poochies the best dog food ever! Lynn J. Dallas, TX

  10. Twiggy

    We named our dog Twiggy because she’s a very small eater and neurotic to boot. I’ve spent ages tempting her to eat various dog foods with absolutely no success until I discovered Frenchie’s Kitchen at Whole Foods. I was beginning to think she was staying alive by adrenalin only. She absolutely loves it. She’s still […]

  11. Reesee

    We discovered Frenchie’s Kitchen dog food while shopping at Whole Food Market. Reesee’ looks forward to his meal each day and licks the bowl clean. I feel comfortable serving this to Reessee’ because I know it is healthy and full of fresh, natural ingredients. Thank you Frenchie’s! Keri Murphy Metairie, LA

  12. Princess

    Princess is the “First Dog” of Laredo Texas. She became ill after eating dehydrated chicken treats from China. After a lot money and expenses we took her to a specialist in San Antonio and she was diagnosed with severe kidney problems. She became a very picky eater and did not want to eat anything. When […]

  13. Scout

    Scout (Ch. Beauideal Texana Man) luvs his Frenchie’s. I want nothing but the best for my Champion and want to keep him in excellent condition therefore I serve Frenchie’s. –Francie H. Dallas, TX

  14. Boston

    Frenchie’s Dog Food is the first rate. There is no close 2nd to Frenchies!!! Boston all but flips in the air when he see’s me remove his Frenchie’s each day! The food not only the best money can buy ; it is fresh and appetizing. When you want the very best for your best friend, […]

  15. Zoe

    I rescued Zoe a year ago. She was 1 1/2 years old. She spent about 21 hours a day in a crate. She was fed an adult weight maintenance dry dog food. I started feeding her a premium dry dog food, but she was not too interested in eating it. Some days she would eat, […]

  16. Alex and Andie

    My first exposure to Frenchie’s Kitchen was a demonstration at my neighborhood Whole Foods Market. Anxious to taste the beautifully-layered dip that I spotted across the store, imagine my amazement to discover that it was canine cuisine! Hours of reading about the perils of commercial dog foods, and endless discussions regarding nutrition with my vet […]

  17. Gracie

    My schnauzer, Gracie is 13 years old. She has been on a prescription dry dog food for several years. I have always questioned the nutritional value of most dry dog foods for a long time. She had an incident with a kidney stone about 6 months ago. My vet recommended that I put her on […]

  18. Bullet

    Congratulations on having such a brilliant and wonderful business! It people like you that make me realize that our country will bounce back with amazing businesses like yours! Our dog Bullet just loves your food! Ever since we adopted him last November, we have struggled to give him healthy food that he actually likes! Thanks […]

  19. Belle

    Bella was my first experience with a finicky eater…I tried everything the breeder and my vet recommended, but I was still having to hand feed her just to get her to take a few bites. Then you delivered my sample pack of Frenchies….now all I have to say is “Are you ready for your Frenchies” […]

  20. Duke and Daisy

    Thank you so much for the Frenchie’s food and treats! My chocolate lab and flat coat retriever absolutely love Frenchie’s! As you can see, Duke literally licks the bowl clean. He is an 11 month old and had developed crystals in his urine at about 9 months old. My vet wanted to put him on […]

  21. Squirrel

    After the loss of my husband 2 years ago I nearly lost Squirrel too. He developed a digestive problem. Everything he ate caused him to have diaherra. A friend told me about Frenchie’s Kitchen.  Squirrell is now on a diet prepared by Frenchie’s Kitchen. He no longer has diaherra and is doing well. Squirrell is […]

  22. The Bessett Family

    Frenchie’s Kitchen has truly been a blessing to my pets. Dinner time is always exciting for my 3 dogs and 4 cats, who are all fans of anything made by Frenchie’s. I started buying Frenchie’s for the dogs, but since then, all of the kitties come running to get some as well. Since we have […]

  23. Snake Bite

    In early Spring 2009, a rattlesnake coming out of hibernation bit three of my French Bulldogs. Although they had their rattlesnake boosters, they were very sick. During the first few days in ICU, no one could get them to eat. I contacted Frenchies Kitchen to get some food, and it worked its charm. They all […]

  24. Cooper

    Cooper came to us as a 10 month-old pug that had been diagnosed with hot spots and allergies. He arrived at our home with a bag of Science Diet and a bottle of Benadryl. His vet said he was an allergy dog and would need to be put on steroids. We started him on Frenchie’s […]

  25. Zoe

    My French Bulldog had a C-section and three days after giving birth she stopped eating. I was worried because she needed to nurse the puppies. The veterinarian said she had a uterine infection and put her on antibiotics. The infection cleared; however, she continued to not eat adequately. Then, I started talking with Sara about […]

  26. Sophie

    Our story actually started with the loss of our beloved Cindy Lou an 11 month old Chorkie. She suffered acute kidney failure after eating chicken jerky treats which were made in China. After her death, I became very concerned about pet nutrition. Life continued so we brought home a 12 week old Yorkie puppy, we […]

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